European Adventure Travel for Women

European travel appears on many women's to-do lists. So what do we mean by European adventure travel? We mean travel where you get off the bus to hike through the countryside, stopping to eat in local restaurants and staying at family-run hotels, while finding ways to connect with the local people. Or maybe we're sea kayaking rather than hiking. But regardless of the activity, expect an active small group and an experience of the country that isn't possible when you only visit the cities by bus.

Northern Lights and Natural Beauty of Iceland - FULL
March 18, 2018 – March 22, 2018

The Aurora Borealis (aka the Northern Lights) is one of the most unforgettable of natural phenomena. While a sighting is never guaranteed anywhere, Iceland in March is one of the best places to see the shimmering curtains of light. But our five days will pack in much more than just looking for Northern Flights: we'll tour Reykjavik, walk on a glacier, ride an Icelandic pony, feast on Icelandic specialties, and see evidence of Iceland's geothermal activity in all its many forms, from geysers to volcanoes. We'll hope to see the Northern Lights but even if we don't, we'll come away with a deep appreciation of this most magical of countries. $2885 Rating: [1]  2  3  4  5

Portugal Coastal Hiking - FULL
April 14, 2018 – April 22, 2018

Portugal is the oldest nation-state in Europe, ancient in history and rich in maritime culture. On this trip we combine hiking in the area just north of Lisbon, along white sand beaches and through thick forests, with hiking along the very different coast south of Lisbon on the most scenic parts of the Rota Vicentina, another of Portugals' jewels. Wild beaches, towering cliffs, speculator wildflowers, and nesting storks what more could you ask? Along the way we'll experience Portugal's cuisine and have the opportunity to indulge in some Portuguese wine. $2895 Rating: 1 2 3 [4] 5.

Colors of Provence - FULL
April 29, 2018 – May 7, 2018

Provence is surely one of France's most fabled regions, known for the incredible diversity that exists within its borders, its rich human and natural history, and its sights, sounds, tastes, smells, and utter charm. We will combine scenic hikes with visits to village markets, stays at French inns, a little culture, and a chance to sample all the fantastic tastes of the south of France. $2975 Rating: 1  2  [3]  4  5 

Sicily and the Amalfi Coast
May 3, 2018 – May 12, 2018

Our trip to southern Italy encompasses two regions that, while close together, are different in history, culture, cuisine, and landscape. We'll start with exploring Capri and the Amalfi Coast, an area whose small towns and natural beauty have made it a centuries-old destination for travelers. We then move on to Sicily, only recently emerging from the shadow of the Cosa Nostra to receiving well-deserved recognition as a fascinating place to visit with fabulous cuisine. From volcanoes to panoramic views, our trip to southern Italy will delight all your senses. $3450 Rating: 1  2  [3]  4  5

Tramping the Lake District - FULL
May 10, 2018 – May 18, 2018

The Lake District of England, with its myriad of hiking trails, charming small villages, and outstanding beauty, has been a favorite of British hikers for a century. Discover its charms during spring, when lambs are everywhere and the forests full of bluebells, on our trip that combines vigorous hiking with enjoying some of the area's other delights. $2295 Rating: 1 2 3 [4] 5

Island Hopping in the Greek Islands - FULL
May 13, 2018 – May 21, 2018

Fishing villages with whitewashed flat roofed houses and narrow streets, hundreds of chapels, rocky landscape contrasting with the deep blue sea and bays with powdery white sandy beaches: if this is your image of Greece, it is exactly what you find on our island hopping hiking trip in the Cyclades Islands.  $3395  Rating: [2/3]  4  5

Gems of Northern Ireland
May 19, 2018 – May 29, 2018

This trip is a hiking and sightseeing tour designed to explore the northern gems of the Emerald Isle. We'll hike high cliffs, rugged Atlantic coastline, and secluded beaches, while also enjoying castle visits, city visits, and some of northern Ireland's most unique natural wonders. $3295 Rating: 1 2 [3] 4 5.

Exploring Scotland in Midsummer - FULL
June 7, 2018 – June 16, 2018

Midsummer is an amazing time in Scotland: days are very long and wildlife is abundant. After a day of touring Edinburgh, Scotland's most charming city, we head west to the highlands, visiting both Cairngorms and Loch Lomond National Parks. We then spend three days on the western coast, staying in Plockton and visiting the Knoydart Peninsula and the Isle of Skye. Taken all together our trip will give you a taste of the human and natural history, the exquisite beauty, and the diversity of Scotland. $2995 Rating:[2] [3] 4  5 

Hiking and Kayaking in Greenland - FULL
June 15, 2018 – June 24, 2018

Greenland is the least populated, wildest country in the world. Most of it is covered by a huge ice cap and the population of 56,000 clings to the green fringe along the coast. It is spectacularly beautiful: soaring mountains tower over fjords choked with blue-tinged icebergs, sheep graze in deep green meadows, Viking ruins remind us of the population that survived here for 400 years. We'll explore a small area by foot, kayak, and boat, and spend our evenings absorbing the profound silence of this amazing area. $3795 Rating: 1  2  [3] 4  5

Highlights of the Via Dinarica
June 24, 2018 – July 6, 2018

Named Outside magazine's Best New Trail, the Via Dinarica travels through the heart of the Western Balkans, along the Dinaric Alps. Crossing 8 different countries, it is still very much in development. Rather than waiting until it is completed, we're going to hike the highlights in three different countries, designed not only to show you the best of the trail of but also to give you an understanding of its significance and the cultures of the countries it passes through.  $2895  Rating  1  2  3 4  [5] 

Hiking Italy's Northern Alps
July 7, 2018 – July 14, 2018

Italy's northern Alps, also known as the Dolomites, are known for its many sheer rock walls, fantastic spires, and rugged massifs; it's also known for its varied culture and cuisine, reflecting its Italian and Austrian roots. On this hiking trip we will hike from Cortina d'Ampezzo to Alta Badia with day hikes in both areas.  $2895  Rating: 1  2  3  4 [5]

Day Hiking the Swiss Alps - FULL
August 18, 2018 – August 27, 2018

The Swiss Alps offer both excellent and diverse hiking opportunities, and hiking in both the Berner Oberland and the Valais is the perfect introduction to what the Swiss Alps have to offer. On this trip we take advantage of the extensive transport system, consisting of trains, cog railways, funiculars, gondolas, and chair lifts, to offer both a longer and shorter hike each day. $3450 Rating: 1 2 [3] [4] 5.

Hiking Slovenia and the Julian Alps - FULL
August 26, 2018 – September 4, 2018

Slovenia, the first former Yugoslavian state to join the European Union, is culturally rich and stunningly beautiful. The Julian Alps are the easternmost part of the alpine chain that arcs across southern Europe and alpine history and culture are apparent everywhere. Limestone peaks, glacial lakes, and a vibrant capital city mixed with more traditional small towns make this an ideal destination for any woman who loves to combine alpine hiking with learning about local history and culture and sampling traditional Slovenian cuisine. $2895 Rating: 1  2  3  [4]  5

On the Camino de Santiago - Fall - FULL
September 6, 2018 – September 15, 2018

We will be hiking the last 103 kms (62 miles) from Sarria to Santiago de Compostela, the last section of the traditional pilgrimage route known as El Camino de Santiago. Not a typical hiking trip, we are following an historic pilgrimage route and will be observing some of the pilgrimage traditions that have grown up along the road over the years. $2895 Rating: 1  2  [3]  4  5

Hiking Wales - FULL
September 9, 2018 – September 19, 2018

Wales is a small country with fascinating history, varied and stunning topography, and a warm and welcoming tradition of hospitality. Our hiking trip to Wales is a perfect mixture of hiking in stunning landscapes, interwoven with cultural encounters and experiences. We'll visit all three of Wales' National Parks: the wild windswept escarpments of the Brecon Beacons National Park, the coast of Pembrokeshire which is known as the spiritual heartland of Wales, and the rugged mountains of Snowdonia, a stronghold of Welsh culture. $3295 Rating: 1 2 [3] 4 5

Pearls of the Croatian Coast
September 16, 2018 – September 23, 2018

Drawn by beautiful beaches, delicious cuisine, and a culture that reflects both its Italian and Balkan roots, Croatia has become increasingly popular over the past few years. On this trip, while we visit some of Croatia's iconic sites, we also go off the beaten path to experience its nature, culture, and cuisine. While not primarily a hiking trip, lots of activity will make sure we enjoy the culinary aspect of our adventure. $3195 Rating:[2]  3  4  5 

Bulgaria's Mountains And Monasteries
September 27, 2018 – October 7, 2018

Bulgaria doesn't have a great reputation in the West, which is both good and a shame. It's a shame because it is a diverse and stunningly beautiful country outside of the cities, with charming small villages, colorful history and culture, and delicious fresh food, much of it organically grown. But it's reputation is a good thing because it means we won't see other American tourists and prices are quite low compared to other countries.  We will visit longstanding monasteries; hike in the Rila, Pirin, and Rhodope mountains; meet the local residents of traditional Muslim villages; and learn about the transition this country is going through. $2195 Rating: 1  2  [3]  4  5

Portugal: Hiking and Culture - FULL
September 29, 2018 – October 7, 2018

Portugal is the oldest nation-state in Europe, rich in maritime culture. We will explore ancient castles and other historic sites while hiking a diverse landscape of coastal cliffs, white sand beaches and thick forests. We will also kayak along the coast. $2850 Rating:   1   2   [3]   4   5.  

Cinque Terre and the Italian Riviera - FULL
October 6, 2018 – October 15, 2018

This trip is designed for women who want to combine hiking between the villages of Cinque Terre and the surrounding area known as the Italian Riviera, with time to soak in Italian culture. The Cinque Terre is perched on high and dramatic sea cliffs: the majority of paths go up and down the sides of cliffs, often on stairs and paths that can be narrow. In order to do all of the hikes listed here, women should be in very good physical condition and able to hike for five to six hours a day which is why we give it a rating of 4. However, hiking can sometimes be shortened or foregone altogether as an excellent rail system links all five towns. Rating: 1 2 [3] [4] 5.